About You

What do Justin Timberlake, Michael Phelps, Jamie Oliver and David Neeleman have in common? They are successful people despite, or perhaps because of their ADHD.

I am not one of them, you may think. I have ADHD, but that is as far as the analogy goes. Yet, what it shows is that having a successful professional and personal life is also potentially within reach for you.

Having been diagnosed is the first step to creating the life you want. The diagnosis in itself may come as a relief after having lived all those years in a cloud of fog. At least you know there is a real and medically legitimate explanation for all your previously perceived ‘personal flaws’.

So, now you know. But do you really? Can you answer the question how your ADHD manifests itself in your life? In other words: Do you know your own brand of ADHD?

Specialist psychiatrists can diagnose and medicate you, but that is generally as far as their services and expertise go. They are not trained, nor do they have the time to explore with you how your symptoms of ADHD typically show up in your daily life. This information, however, is key to experience the liberation of rising above the mist and to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Here is where ADHD coaching becomes so helpful. The insight knowledge, strategies and skills you learn in the coaching process will enable you to better manage your ADHD challenges at work and in your personal life. When you are able to let go of restrictive ways of viewing yourself and the world, you discover more authentic, creative and resourceful ways of creating a fulfilling life and vibrant workplace in which ADHD has its own place.

Benefits of ADHD coaching