Professional coaching is one of the most effective tools in ADHD self-management. Do you want to discover what a professional, mindfulness-based collaboration can do for you?

My name is Martynke Tait and I am a Dubai-based, ADHD coach for adults. I am a life explorer with a strong passion for learning and experiencing new things. A meaningful life to me is a life lived to its fullest potential. This is what I aim for myself and what I wish for my clients.

Prior to coaching, while in Netherlands, my life was focused on academics and working in government. After obtaining a MA degree in International Relations, I worked for nearly a decade as a policy advisor with the Dutch Ministry of Transport. My job revolved essentially around doing research, project management and organizational skills. Later, while living in Dubai, I became a freelance feature writer and a personal life coach.

Having a background in co-active coaching, I have witnessed and experienced the benefits of coaching to the extent of transforming people's lives. My passion to help people reach their highest potential, combined with my curiosity for understanding the human brain, have led me to becoming a specialized ADHD coach. An extra challenge here that I love to take on is that adult ADHD is little known and understood in this part of the world.

My mission is now to be a pioneer in promoting greater awareness of ADHD in the region, while demonstrating the power of coaching in improving the lives of those who invisibly suffer from their unique brain wiring.

If you are interested in joining me on this exciting, professional journey and in experiencing the benefits of coaching for yourself, ADDVANCE Coaching, is for you.