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My name is Martynke Tait and I am a specialized ADHD coach, working with adults across the world.

If you have ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms, you are most likely original, creative and energetic. But no matter how brilliant your ideas or how much you want to realize them, results often lack behind. Does your life manifest itself as a continuous battle, in which overwhelm, disorganization and poor follow-through, rule?

Medication can help – to a certain extent. It increases your focus and attention span. But pills don't teach skills. And sure enough, not everyone needs medication. Living a successful life with ADHD is equally about learning how to work with your brain rather than against it. It's not about trying harder, but about doing things differently. Here, working with a specialized ADHD coach comes into play.

In our coaching, we work towards gaining a clear understanding of the functioning of your unique brain wiring and how it affects your life. Everything else follows from there: the strategies you choose, the actions you take and the results you get.

You too can have the life you desire!

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