Why ADHD coaching ?

ADDVANCE Coaching is a co-active and dynamic process that can help turn your ADHD-affected life around for the better. It is about learning, awareness, clarity, action and results. But most of all, it is about reclaiming ownership of your own life.

In our partnership, I hold you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Your ADHD may have caused you many hindrances in your professional and personal lives. But with increased knowledge about your brain functioning and enhanced self-awareness gained over the duration of the coaching process, you will find you are fully capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you face.

Why would I need a coach then, you might think. Good question.

If you want to demystify your unique brain wiring and get to know your own ADHD brand, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

I support you in creating an increased understanding of the bio-neurological nature and challenges of ADHD. Together, we explore in what ways your ADHD traits show up. ADHD is situational and differs from person to person, as each individual's brain wiring is unique. Your greater understanding of the condition, will allow you to effectively communicate it to a physician or diagnostician when they conduct a diagnostic interview.

If you want to reframe your ADHD, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

Undiagnosed and untreated people with ADHD often feel plagued by feelings of inadequacy and self-blame due to underperformance in the past. The coaching process, however, will help contribute over time to enhanced awareness that it is not you, but your ADHD brain wiring that is to blame. This is an important awareness: You are not your ADHD. Further, coaching will teach you to become a better self-observer and self-advocate, as your self-acceptance will increase.

If you want to be an expression of your strengths, values and purpose in life, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

Your frustration often derives from the struggle with everyday demands to fit in and to be like everybody else. This is because society expects we fix our weaknesses and disregard the power of our strengths. Over the course of the coaching process, however, I help you learn how to minimize your challenges and maximize your strengths. In addition, I will provide you with evidence of your unique style and where it has produced successful results.

If you want to effectively manage your symptoms, relationships, work habits and life, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

I work with you to identify what ADHD challenges come up in specific situations and co-develop adequate strategies to better manage them in all aspects of your life.
Coaching for example can help in setting realistic goals, learning to prioritize, reducing distractions and improving organizational and time management skills. Furthermore, coaching can help you in improving your relationships with others and in creating healthy habits regarding nutrition and exercise.

If you want to silence your ADHD-voices of rumination, procrastination and accompanying negative thoughts and beliefs, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

The thoughts we have in our minds influence what comes out in our actions and words, creating the lives we live. I work with you on strategies to identify and filter out negative beliefs and thoughts. Through this process, you will move from old assumptions to new truths, positively impacting your life.

If you are unhappy with things and you feel stuck with the circumstances that surround you, ADDVANCE Coaching is for you.

Few things are worse than feeling a 'victim' of outside forces in control over you. Coaching can literally open your eyes for different pathways, letting you experience the power of choice. And choice is just that, POWER. It is a catalyst for change.

For questions about whether coaching is for you, please contact ADDVANCE Coaching, your partner for a successful life with ADHD.