Why coaching with Martynke ?

Not all life coaches can coach those with ADHD. Strategies that work for clients without ADHD, often don't work for people with ADHD, simply because their brain wiring is different.

Martynke has a thorough professional, coaching background with the leading Co-active Training Institute (CTI), complemented with training at ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), which offers the world's largest and most comprehensive ADHD training program.

Her profound knowledge and understanding of ADHD explains her fine-tuning to picking up ADHD traits and to integrate these directly into her coaching.

With depth, playfulness and a direct approach, she creates a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and connect with your purpose by helping you gain clarity on what you really want.

Additionally, she works with you on creating structures and strategies to help tackle your daily challenges with planning, self-management, organization, staying on task, meeting deadlines, problem solving, time management, collaboration, memory and managing emotions.

Encouraged by this rich, inner exploration and inspired action, you will move from potential to achievement and from who you are to who you want to be. You will realize something that deep down you have known all along: You are the creator of your life

For more information, please contact ADDVANCE Coaching, your partner for a successful life with ADHD.